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If you are not an Agency Administrator, then make sure the First Time Login box is unchecked. If you were given an e-mail address and password you are probably not an Agency Administrator.


Login Errors

Format ``

A properly formatted e-mail address is required. it should be formatted as something@something.something


Should be all numbers

The Agent ID should only contain numbers, no letters, spaces, or symbols.


Format: xxx-xxx-xxxx'

The fax number should be formatted with the area code, followed by a dash, followed by the first three numbers, followed by a dash, followed by the last four numbers.

You have logged in before.

Please uncheck the First Time Login box. You can only use the first time login box once.


Agent ID or Fax # incorrect.

The information entered into one or both of the fields was not found in our database.


Record not found

We did not find your information in our database. Please contact support if you believe this is an error.


Invalid Password

The password you entered did not match our records. Please reset your password if you continue to have problems.


Please check first time login box

You have not logged into the system for the first time. You must log into the system for the first time to set up your password.


First time Login for Agency Admins

If you have never logged into our site, check the First Time Login check box and enter your Agent ID and your fax number. If you do not have your Agent ID please contact support. Note: The first time login procedure can only be completed once. The regular log in must be used for all logins after the first login has been completed.


Regular Login

Enter your e-mail address and your password. If you do not remember your password, please reset it by going here. Resetting your password requries a valid e-mail address to be on your record. If your e-mail address is no longer valid, please contact support to update your e-mail address.


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